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To get support, create a ticket in any channel with -new issue

Terms Of Service

  • By purchasing a package from the Astraea Store, you acknowledge that you are using real currency on your transactions.
  • Purchasing a certain rank or donating a certain amount to the store, does NOT pardon a player from being banned.
  • You understand that all store transactions are available only through PayPal.
  • You payed great attention to the transaction details (in-game username, email, product and price). 
  • Astraea Store reserves the right to NOT refund any wrongly purchased packages.
  • You can however get support with your transactions in the Discord server by creating a ticket with your issue.
  • You understand that you need to keep all transaction receipts.
  • Any receipts that might have generated in the transaction process will be sent automatically to the client's email.
  • If there are any issues with your transaction, you have the right to ask for support in the Discord server.
  • Proof of ownership is always required when disputing a transaction issue (PayPal Transaction Id).


Charging back will result in a permanent ban from the server!